New beginings!

There have been the appearances of many changes around here,  and in my vision. I thought it was time to share about them.

Michael and I are moving and are excited about the new adventures and energy.

I am a Spiritual Being going through Human experiences. With that said, it appears my vision has had a big change to the “blurry side.”

I have decied to take a sebbatical from painting for a time to re-group. God and I are in the midst of creating new styles for me to paint, and I am going to focus on my Psychic gifts and Readings. Also it is time to write my life story.

I will take time to see the new, wonderful experiences that are unfolding, and I am always available to talk about the wide range of topics I have spoken previously.

I would like to give many thanks for those who have read and continue to read my blog. Also special thanks and Blessings to my Partner Michael, Mary Beth and Rosita my Church Family.

Insightful Blessings,


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