I was physically assaulted.

Hello Everyone:

It has been a wild week in many aspects of my life. I felt it was impotant I share my experience with others.

I had a person in my life that I considered a best friend. For this writing I will be using the name “Rex” which is not his true name.

This past Tuesday Rex and I went to the market. I was holding a canister of coffee with my left hand and my right hand on his shoulder for him  to guide me.

We were just generally talking, and all of a sudden he said, “I am now going to walk you into a pole.” Before I could think he was kidding, BOOM I was walked into a fire extinguisher, that was connected to a pole holding up the roof.

In shock, I said, Rex, you did that on purpose! His responce was, Yes, I did. No other reason was said at that point.

When we got home, my hand was red and in pain. I asked him, Why did you do that? Rex’s response was, “I had to make sure it was ‘real’.” I said, what  was real? He said, “Your blindness.”  Rex continued to explain that he had to test me, “his word” to see if I would of jumped around the pole, or if I would walk into it. Because if  I had moved around the pole, I was faking my blindness and milking the social security system. I know this sounds ludicrus, this was Rex’s explanation.

That evening, I had a panic attack because the pain in my hand was so extreme.  The next day Michael, my partner took me to the ER and my left wrist is sprained. At first the Doctor thought it had been broken. The Doctor consulted with another doctor and it is sprained. This is my painting hand, the hand I use for my Guide dog, my dominant hand. I am now in a splint and a sling.

Needless to say, Rex is no longer in my life. I Bless you Rex, to the highest and furtherest good away from me.

My speciffic reason on sharing this experience was not out of spite or vengence. I grew up in a family that I was physically and emotionally abused. At the age of 5 I did not have the power or the intelect to say to my abusers, “stop this, this is wrong.” I am 46 now, and I do have the power to express this is wrong and tell Rex to get the hell out of my life.

The other main reason I wrote about this. If there is anyone who is reading this who is going through an abusive realationship, man or woman, you do not have to stay in it. You CAN bring the POWER from within and stop it. And, there are SO many outlets to help you as well. From googling “how to get help if I am being battered” to talking to your Doctor, your Spiritual advisor or to the Police. I give this same advice to those who may be doing the abusing, man or woman. 

When Rex made his choice to assault me, I first went into the mode, “he says he will change, maybe he had a bad day.” Those thoughts came from my childhood. Justifying my family members doing what they did. The bottom line is, what they did, and Rex did was WRONG and NO justification will make it right.

I give thanks for those who read this passage. Please remember for those who maybe going through simular situations as I did, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There is help, you just have to extend your hand and know you are worthy of help.

In closing I must thank my Partner Michael, Brenda, my two Mom’s and the woman who I consider my Sister standing by my side.

Richest Blessings,


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